Remembering Strangers

I carry within the huge bag all the emotions I’ve ever been through, all the words that put me down and pushed me forth, all the love and hate I’ve got, faces of people who wouldn’t eventually remember meeting me, voices of strangers, memories of those who promised to always be my best-friends, pieces of my old self and laughter from rare days of absolute happiness. Continue reading “Remembering Strangers”

What if words are enough?

“Everyone’s talking, but no one is listening”, I read an entry, in my blue notebook dated 7th June 2016. For years now I have battled with my inner demons, the conflicts within my thoughts and I have made it through days where I felt trapped in an unrealistic paradox. I often found myself unable to decide between simple choices and over-thinking scenarios. I gave up before I even started trying and ended Continue reading “What if words are enough?”

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