What if words are enough?

“Everyone’s talking, but no one is listening”, I read an entry, in my blue notebook dated 7th June 2016. For years now I have battled with my inner demons, the conflicts within my thoughts and I have made it through days where I felt trapped in an unrealistic paradox. I often found myself unable to decide between simple choices and over-thinking scenarios. I gave up before I even started trying and ended up regretting the things I failed at. I felt like I was an echo within the soul of universe – never to be heard but always lingering; always hovering.

But also I have had this feeling, a need, a craving to break out and finally surface up above the insecurities, anxiety and the feeling of helplessness. And every time that I feel it overpower me, I write. For long, I’ve remained a fan of a fountain ink pen and a small diary until I realised I can reach out beyond the pages of my diary. And this blog, will be my start. And I hope this journey proves to be an exceptional one.



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